The white snow is falling out of the sky. The fireplace flame was crackling I was so bored. Just was thinking to myself I can’t wait till Summer. When I can go swimming in the sun and wait till tomorrow and then go swimming again And my birthday is in the summer also. Last year when we celebrated my birthday it was amazing. We went to rare air and after that we watched a scary movie what fun that was. I asked my mom If we can go sledding and my mom said in one long hour I can’t wait.

Warning may be a spoiler if you are reading Orbiting Jupiter

Dear Jupiter,


Your dad was amazing he was very concerned about you and your mother even though he was 13 when he had you, he loved you and your mother. When she died he broke down inside he wasn’t the same after that he went through a lot to try to find you he went about 45 miles to see you, you were just a baby when that happened though. When he died he was trying to keep your brother Jack safe by going with his dad. He never got to touch you but he sure took care of that picture he had of you it was his life, about a year after your dad died you came to live with Jack and his family. You looked like your dad and you called Jack Jackie just like your dad.     


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